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Cranium Kabookii (Pre-Owned)

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  • The family game-show for your Wii: Enter the Cranium Kabookii arena, spin the carousel, and land on one of 15 different activities to start the fun!
    • Create works of art and imagination with spray paint, chalk, and disappearing ink.
    • Discover fascinating new things in true-false, multiple choice, and globe-spinning trivia puzzles.
    • Perform hilarious feats by acting, playing songs, and mastering the art of memorization.
    • Connect with friends and family as you crack codes, decipher clues, and remix phrases.
  • Something for everyone: Unlimited players! Up to four teams, with two or more players of all ages, can compete against each other. Engaging and hilariously entertaining, Cranium Kabookii is perfect for any combination of aspiring artists, performers, data heads, or wordsmiths.
  • Special Kabookii Decoder Glasses: Unveil secret clues on the TV without revealing them to other players in the room.