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Elliot Quest

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Elliot can't die - but he's still running out of time. While searching for his missing wife, he must also find a way to reverse the curse of the demon that will soon possess him.Elliot quest is a retro-inspired 2D adventure/role-playing game in which players explore the mysterious island of urele in search of ancient and powerful elemental spirits. With five dungeons to conquer, powerful bosses to defeat, coutless treasures and hidden areas to discover, elliot quest offers balanced gameplay that's easy to pick up but challenging to master.• An expansive island of forests, mountains, beaches, cliffs and dungeons• defeat four elemental spirits to acquire their powers and use them to explore new areas• customize elliot's abilities in five different categories each time you level up• chaining attacks in sequence increases the chances that enemies will drop more items• experiments with different magic attacks to defeat elliot's enemies• solve puzzles to find hidden crystals and access secret areas• hunt powerful monsters to find a wide variety of weapons• alignment stat keeps track of your gameplay decisions and influences which of the three unique endings you'll get when you complete the quest.