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Emergency Heroes (Pre-Owned)

SKU: 008888174097_u

The rescue driving game designed for kids exclusively on the Wii. Become a real life Hero - Drive the coolest, hi-tech rescue vehicles to SAVE your city! Be a real life hero choose between Fire, Police, or EMT Aspirational theme is family friendly & parallels core values of Nintendo Designed for the next generation of young rescue heroes Open world design - go anywhere to save the city Lamborghini inspired hi-tech rescue vehicles Jump gaps, crash into water towers and power-slide to stop criminals Accessible, fun game play Simple, intuitive driving controls - ensures new gamers can pick up and play Clear Navigation - built in directions ensure you never get lost during the rescue Hero Mode - fill up the hero bar in this reward based system to make you invincible Two Player Co-Op ¿ race against Dad to see who the best hero is.