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Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law (Pre-Owned)

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Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is a fully animated interactive adventure game that merges the fun and mayhem of the popular Adult Swim TV show with Capcom's unique style of gameplay. Players will step into the shiny wingtips of Harvey Birdman a third-rate superhero turned third-rate defense attorney charged with exonerating parodied classic cartoon characters. Over the course of the game players must guide Harvey through a series of odd and comical cases. Each of the game s five interactive stories takes the winged crusader of justice to familiar locations from the TV show. In order to prove his client s innocence Harvey must peruse the scene of the crime gather evidence talk with other cartoon characters occasionally have drinks with opposing council and of course tear holes no matter how ridiculous in the testimony provided by the witness for the prosecution. Harvey must bring the whole story together to defend his client in a court where anything can happen including a confrontation with the prosecution who brandishes a Shrink Ray Gun. With outrageous gameplay and the comical antics of hilarious animated characters players and fans alike will feel that they are not just taking control of a character but actually taking part in a brand new episode of Harvey Birdman.