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Lost Kingdoms 2 (As Is) (Pre-Owned)

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SKU: 047875805279as_u

This game's disc has been tested and is in working condition. We do not classify it as a complete game as it may be; missing it's instruction booklet, or have damage to/or no original cover art (Photocopy). As Is games are sold at a reduced price in comparison to a complete copy in good condition. Contact store for more information.

High After the events of the original Lost Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Argwyll stands on the brink of destruction. Now you must take the role of Tara as she summons the guardian creatures to battle the invading evil force, uncover its origins, and save the kingdom. In the game's enhanced card-based battle system, you can now collect and power up more than 200 creature cards. New abilities allow you to transform into creatures and fight in different battle areas.