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Madden NFL 24

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Make your game plan come to life with better than ever, responsive mechanics and realism in Madden NFL 24. AI enhanced movement and reactions push your team forward, helping you execute complex moves with greater ease. With game modes from Superstar to Franchise, you can build your dream roster or take your NFL career to greater heights with a skilled avatar.

  • American football simulation game brings all the intensity and realism of NFL players, drafts, and strategies to your console - Game modes include Superstar: The League, Superstar: Showdown, Franchise, Madden Ultimate Team, and Cross-play for endless variation
  • Anatomically accurate player skeletons are more responsive, achieving true-to-life player motion during gameplay - Field SENSE animation technology provides greater control, realism, and immersive Ness when performing complex maneuvers
  • AI enhanced movement makes it easier for your team to execute your gameplan with ball carrier pathfinding and QB and DB awareness
  • Skill-based Passing 2.0 has improved accuracy, DB behavior, and catching for more intuitive throwing and defensive actions
  • Hit Everything 2.0 gives your teammates greater situational awareness, allowing them to push the pile and gain ground to attack the football more effectively