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Mario Power Tennis (Pre-Owned)

SKU: 045496901424_u
The Mario Power Tennis™ game combines the Mario™ elements players know and love with fast-paced tennis action. Players simply use the Wii Remote™ controller to hit forehands and backhands and to apply spin, or show off even more skills by using a Nunchuk™ controller. Choose from more than 15 characters, including Luigi™, Princess Peach™, Daisy™, Yoshi™ or Mario™ himself, and make use of supercharged Power Shots to fend off opponents. Players can show off their skills in traditional tennis tournaments, or head to the Gimmick Courts to encounter a variety of crazy challenges and hilarious mini games. In addition, up to 4 players can play at the same time, making Mario Power Tennis the perfect way to serve up fun.