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Mario Super Sluggers (Nintendo Selects) (Photocopied Art) (Pre-Owned)

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Batter Up, Super Sluggers! Step up to the plate with Mario and friends. Make the intuitive Wii Remote controller your bat as you dominate the diamond with Mario, Luigi, Peach and the rest of the gang! -- Simple, Active Controls: Rookies and veterans alike will be hittin' it home in no time. Simply swing the Wii Remote controller like a bat, or use a pitching motion to test your strike power from the mound! -- Live the Dream: Show your face at the plate; play as your Mii! -- Play Ball! ...With Friends: Up to four players can challenge one another on a single Wii console. Go nine innings or try one of the minigames - including a home run contest! -- Stadium Mania: Select from nine unique stadiums - everything from an ice-filled castle to an urban cityscape! Many stadiums can be accessed day or night, allowing double-headers under the lights! Dust off your cleats! It's time to play ball!