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MLB The Show 23

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Own The Show™

MLB® The Show™ 23 gets you closer than ever to living your Baseball dreams on the diamond. Shock the System and Own The Show™ with your favorite players, your favorite rivalries, and all your favorite MLB® moments.

Get the next-generation MLB The Show experience when you play on PlayStation® 5 consoles, including the return of Stadium Creator mode, and face your friends with crossplatform play**** or continue your progress on other platforms with cross progression**.

• 4K resolution: experience all the excitement and drama of gameday in crisp, dynamic 4K resolution.***

• Seamless performance: lose yourself in the moment with smooth, targeted 60fps gameplay.
• Haptic feedback: feel the impact of every hit, catch, and collision through the DualSense™ wireless controller’s immersive sensory feedback.
• Tempest 3D AudioTech: hear the roar of the crowd, shouts of your teammates, and in-game sound effects in 360 degrees.***
• In partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, play through and celebrate the careers of Negro Leagues Baseball legends like Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson,
Hank Thompson, Hilton Smith, Rube Foster, Buck O’Neil, John Donaldson, and Martin Dihigo in a video game experience unlike any other. MLB® The Show™ Storylines immerses
and introduces you to the stories and careers of some of the greatest and most important
players in sports history.*
• Diamond Dynasty give you new ways to play, earn, and develop your squad!* Live out your Baseball dreams with over 25 new MLB® Legends, bringing the total to over 180
available in game, to collect from and build your team.
• Continue earning rewards after completing a featured program— spin the wheel whenever you complete a threshold to claim a reward. The more you play, the more you’ll earn!
• Use Captain Cards to designate a position player and a pitching captain for your lineup for the first time ever and unlock poweful in-game boosts by meeting
criteria unique to these players
• Live out your Baseball dreams with expanded commentary and in-game presentation updates that bring updated broadcast themes, realistic 3D environments, and
more detail to uniforms and equipment.
• Franchise Mode now includes the new MLB Postseason™ format, schedule, and more CBA updates. The MLB® Draft experience has been revamped to add strategy and
depth in managing your organization.
• Face your friends with cross-platform play.**** With cross progression, continue your progress and earn and use content on other console platforms.**
• Stay tuned with more features to be revealed!

*Internet connection required to redeem awards.
**Requires other console game version. Sold separately. Stubs purchased on game
platform are not transferable to another.
***Dynamic 4K and HDR require a compatible 4K and HDR TV or display. 3D audio via builtin TV speakers or analog/USB stereo headphones.
****PS Plus subscription required for online multiplayer.