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Park Beyond

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In Park Beyond, you can create the park of your dreams without being held back by gravity! Thanks to the story-driven Campaign mode, learn the basics of theme park building and management. Create breathtaking roller coaster with the easy to learn roller coaster editor and defy gravity with impossible modules. Manage your parks to financial success. Hire and manage your staff, keep an eye on the different heatmaps, check the visitors’ feedback, and adjust to it. Have extra freedom in the Sandbox Mode. If unleashing your creativity is your focus, select infinite money and create the park of your dreams! But if you are looking for a management challenge, you can also spice things up by choosing your main goals, starting budget, and map. Be creative! Share your creations with everyone or download other people's work.

  • FOLLOW A STORY-DRIVEN CAMPAIGN TO LIVE THE PARK ARCHITECT DREAM Thanks to 8 exciting missions, newcomers to the genre will learn the basics of theme park building and management, while veterans can follow along the adventures of Phil and his team.
  • CHOOSE FREEDOM IN SANDBOX MODE If you want freedom, jump into sandbox mode where you can learn the basics of the game in the Exploration Park, or you can create your own management challenge, and build the park of your dreams in one of the 13 maps.
  • SHARE YOUR MASTERPIECE AND FIND INSPIRATION You can share and download parks, roller coasters, scenery, and facilities, whether you need inspiration or want to show your masterpiece, go to and enjoy!
  • IMPOSSIFY Impossification is a process starting from a simple idea: What would happen if you discarded all concerns for costs, gravity, & technology? Start with flat rides and roller coasters which we all know and love and go beyond your imagination.