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Snood (Cartridge Only)

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More than "just a game", Dave Dobson's puzzle classic SNOOD, and it's mischievous characters, have become an international phenomenon among PC gamers. Now, four million downloads later, the Snoods are back with brilliant new graphics, new characters, new boards, a new "time-attack" series, and more of the same all-ages fun that made this classic video game challenge a huge hit on college campuses from California to Maine and from Iceland to Australia! Meet Jake, Zod, Geji and their friends again, or for the first time, and discover what millions of Snood-addicts have always known. There is nothing in the world quite like SNOOD!

- Brilliant new graphics and feature!
- New characters! Wild Card Snood and "Cutter Snood!
- Eight great play options! More than 100 different adventures!