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Ultimate Band (Pre-Owned)

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Rock and roll comes in all shapes, sizes, flavors and colors, but there is one truism. All great bands don't just play their music, they live it. And now you can do the same as you play and perform moves just like a rock star with Ultimate Band for Wii. Ultimate Band puts players on the track to Rock n' Roll stardom by advancing their music careers and popularity from playing in a neighborhood garage to performing in front of an international audience at a world famous venue. But this isn't your typical rhythm game. Start in the basement & clubs. View larger. Take your act to the top . View larger. The Wii-Mote makes rockin' easy. View larger. Unlike other games in the music genre, Ultimate Band utilizes the innovative Wii Remote and Nunchuk that players already have to provide the ability to play the drums, bass guitar, lead guitar, or take on the role of the front man, without the extra cost of music-mimicking peripherals. Players also use the familiar, intuitive controls of their Wii Remote and Nunchucks to create and customize characters that reflect their own unique personalities and attributes. Along the way, players unlock new songs, venues, and accessories that can be used to customize their band members as they experience a new type of musical gaming experience that will take them where they have never been before. Join the "Ultimate Band" Key Game Features: Choose Your Instrument: In Ultimate Band, there are four band roles that players can take on - drums, lead guitar, bass guitar and a band front man - all with unique motion mechanics using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Multiple Game Modes: Players can either follow a unique narrative story mode or stand up and jam to any songs and venues they've already unlocked. In addition Ultimate Band offers group and family entertainment through multiplayer modes that include head-to-head competition or cooperative play.